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Contact our
Research & Development Specialists

extension #33

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Research and Development

Housing Investors, Inc. is always looking for good sites to develop apartment complexes and  townhomes.

We buy land suitable for development. You  need have no concerns as to whether or not your land fits our needs since we can quickly determine this for you.

We are experienced at handling all details of land research and development. This includes project proposals, appraisals, zoning,  financing, deeding, and complying with various city, state, and federal land regulatory requirements.

We are experienced with the requirements and procedures of the Alabama Housing Finance Authority (AHFA) and the former Farmer's Home Administration, now known as USDA, Rural Development. We are also a member of  the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH). Having worked with them on many occasions, our staff and accounting departments are very familiar with the processes of each.

If you have raw or partially developed land in Alabama that you are interested in selling, or maybe even partnering, please contact our Research and Development Division at extension #33.

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